The first picture

Safely hidden in mom’s belly. Just a few more days and we will welcome our c-litter.

We welcome our beautiful c-litter. 

Grace and Romeo are parents to six lovely strong and healthy boys and girls. 3|3

As always Grace did a fabulous job and she is a very caring mother. Happily enjoys the time with her kids.

14.02. be my Valentin 

Grace is a very caring mother. Brood and nest care is exactly her thing. Once a day she insists on going out and accompanies me on a walk with the others in the forest otherwise she spends her time with the puppies and suckles, cleans and cuddles them..

The first week is already over. The puppies are developing great and gaining weight really well.

colour games

The small noses already getting some pigmentations.

Auntie Dalida on flying visit

Hello World!

First quick visit outside