Say hello!

Dear prospective customer,

we look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to answer any of your questions in detail.

I put my heart and soul into each of my litters and my ultimate goal is to find the right match for my puppies and future owners for the next 15+ years.

It is therefore important for me to find out as much as possible about you. Give me information about your living, working and family situation. Let me know if you already have dog experience and if you are familiar with the breed or if it should be your first dog and how you ideally imagine your future life with the Whippet.
Do you have preferences regarding the puppy's gender? Or are you open-minded.

I do not keep 'waiting lists' before a litter has been born. Because nature plays by its own rules and we cannot give any information about the definitive number of puppies or the male / female ratio before the birth is over.
I always publish news promptly on this website and on Facebook.
If you are still interested, please contact me again and follow the development of the puppies.

My puppies can be visited between 4/6 weeks depending on the development of the litter.
The first character traits are then already recognizable. Whereby you always have to keep in mind that it is a first snapshot and we first sound out whether there are general sympathies between you and one and the other puppy.
I would like you to let this visit sink in for around 24 hours and then tell me whether you are generally still interested in a puppy from my breeding.

After all the visitors has been here at our place, at 7/8 weeks of age, I assign the puppies to the best match for me, because, as already mentioned, it is very important to me that the puppy and of course you, ideally, be happy for the next 15 plus years with each other.

The question of the price

Of course, the question of price is also justified. And you should also find an answer here in a very transparent manner.
I still remember my first pedigree dog and that it was the best-kept secret to find out what a puppy of this breed cost back then.

The price for one of my puppies is 1.500 euros.

And believe me over the 15+ years, the mere purchase price is devastatingly low. The food costs alone will devour a small car until the end of the dog's life.


We live in fast-paced times, which is why I conclude a reservation contract with you after the above-mentioned puppy visit. This includes a reservation fee of 300 euros and has a 14-day right of withdrawal for both parties with full reimbursement of the fee.
The 300 euros will be deducted from the above-mentioned puppy price.

Of course, I won't force anyone to take a puppy afterwards either. But then I keep the reservation fee.

At about the same time, I will also send you my sample contract to read. Because you should already know in advance what you will ultimately sign when you hand over the dog.

You will receive our puppy instructions in advance by email.

Each puppy pulls out with a collar and leash, the usual food for about 2-4 weeks, a puppy package and his favorite toy that smells like mom and siblings.

I am happy to keep loose contact with you even after the collection of your new puppy, tell me how the first night in the new home was, the first week, the first month or whenever something eventful happens in your future life with your dog that you want to share with me or any question what comes in your mind during the life with your mate is welcomed!
I am really happy about every message and every photo so I am part of the development of the puppies after they move out and let me know if you are still happy and if you are not, then I am here for that too and offer you my support at.