Crème Anglaise’s Cream of the Crop


2019 this lovely lady joined my show Team. 

She has the soul eyes of her mother and the gentle heart of her father. She loves it to snuggle in the cozy cave.
Where she is also hiding whatever she finds toys, but also forbidden stuff like Shoes, socks, hair bands and Rosettes.

We used the past year to grow together and can already look back on some great show successes. 2020 at CRUFTS (the largest dog show in the UK, the country of origin of the breed), we were rewarded with a placement in great competition. 
2021 I have breed her first litter resulted in 6 beautiful Puppies.



Crème Anglaise’s Panna Cotta 

In 2017 I have the pleasure to get Bono, Crème Anglaise’s Panna Cotta as member to my show Team. 

I remember that day as it was yesterday...When the offer of Jan and Kris came I was firstly under shock as one of my biggest dreams should become true.

Bono is the father of Grace, I saw him for the first time in real on crufts 2016 and was immediately in love with that gentle soul.

He is for sure one of these special dogs. For me the ideal male. Easy to live with, a dream to show and a super stud dog.
He is two times clear heart testet. And also Eye and Patella Testing is all clear.


Crème Anglaise’s Parfum de Grasse 

Grace is my first Whippet Girl. She is born at the wonderful kennel Crème Anglaise Whippets in the Netherlands and is by my side since 2016. From day one it was a lucky match in all our different homes, as office dog and in the show ring. Grace is always my happy dog.

Grace is the foundation. My Kennel is named after her. She is a well tempered girl. Great with humans, very friendly with dogs of all varieties and very pleasant on our daily walks.

After being for two years a great helper rearing the litters of Akarana Cotons, she had her own first litter with 4 lovely puppies in 2020.


House of Grace Dakota Falls

Dakota is our Keeper from the Dalida x Enzo litter.

She is a promising young bitch and our current Show prospect for the future.

Meanwhile she already can call a few baby- and puppy Best in Show victories and placings on all breed and local shows on her own and we look forward to the further development of our elegant young lady.



Leagrim liuths vom Elfenhain 


My first whippet love and as I write this text so many memories flood through my consciousness. The puppy time, the first exhibition, the first training on the track, the first coursing training, your first hunting attempts and the many companions in humans as well as dogs.
We had many experiences together for the first time. I am infinitely grateful that we went this way together and that you also endured the difficult times with me.

At almost nine years old, Levin now enjoys the quieter life with my family in Stuttgart together with Cocker Spaniel bitch Ronny, whom he already knows from his childhood, and the other dogs in the family Rocky and Lou.